Wipe changelog 30/01/2020

Good evening Wastelanders!

Last two weeks were super difficult for us due all the sickness. This is also why we didn’t bring any changelog. There were literally no changes at all. The worst is now hopefully behind us and we can now focus fully on new stuff again!

We have brought a Poll for the Purge on our Discord which seems like you all want us to really stick to our roots and remain a pure PVE. We are fully for that! Many of you kept asking us for bringing some PVP element but any time we did, it never worked out or was abused.

There are still many plans on the way to bring you some PVP feel even without it being physically in the server. We can fight our environment a bit more in the future! Just stay tuned 🙂

What is new?

Map changes

Rando prepared new map with some quite big change! The Outpost is gone! Before you pull out the pitchforks, let us explain some more.

Outpost is fully useless for a PVE server and in fact only takes spot in the map. It is meant as a safe zone for the PVP servers, where no weapons are allowed. Often you yourself run into troubles of killing an animal nearby and Outpost becomes one angry beast firing up at you. Hostility is one of the reasons we decided to take the whole monument out. Don’t panic! All vending machines are included in the /town. That is the only thing that would actually really miss. 

The Outpost was replaced by a new monument in development to bring something fresh and more to explore on the island 🙂


We have spent many hours testing and polishing some of the key plugins. Operator put a lot of time into catching up all the bugs to bring them to the perfection. On our test-to-do-list is still quite a few things but we hope that you will notice some changes really soon!

Bradley plugin

We have been working on improving the Bradley plugin but there are still many tests on the plan to be sure everything works properly. Due endless arguing and fights over this mad tin but also wave of new players, we were forced to reduce the Bradley kills back to two per day as well as you now need to collect only 10 keys for spawning your own Bradzilla. Don’t forget! Bradley crates are locked to the player with highest damage who decides about the loot.

  • Performance improvements
  • Fixed the crates glitching through the ground especially on Area51 monument
  • Reduced the kills to two per day
  • Reduced the keys back to 10 to spawn your own Bradzilla

Heli plugin

Heli plugin has been a huge focus over the past two weeks! Operator created an automated Heli event which is now possible to be run by only one staff member. There is no more need for the loot divide building or anything else. This is still under development for further improvements. Everything worked awesome in the test server but the main test – in the live server – is still coming up!

  • Performance improvements
  • The heli should no longer hover above the tower before being shot
  • There should no longer be any health reset
  • Added automated heli event

Overall changes

  • Building limit reduced to 1000 (was 2000) entities per base!
  • Added to the /s RP shop
    • Deluxe Christmas lights (10 and 100ft stacks)
    • New “Fun” tab including all musical instruments (moved also the Arcade machine over there)
  • Stack changes (following will stack since now)
    • Igniter
    • Turret
    • Windmill
    • Generator
    • Tesla coil
    • Medium battery
    • All fireworks stack to 20
  • Private crops plugin added (no more stolen hemp/pumpkin/corn). NOTE: Horses can still eat from your planter!
  • Fixed the backpack of NPC’s. It will no longer despawn instantly.

Info panel changes

We have got many notifications about the info panel being outdated (which was on our plan to fix). All information should be up to date by now. However there are some new rules that are really important to know! Further we would like to make the info panel more efficient and better structured.

New or tweaked rules

  • Don’t be your own judge! If you find any misbehavior, use ‘/report name reason’ or open a Discord ticket!
  • All monuments/rigs/cargos are FFA! Give chance to other players as well and prevent any unnecessary drama!
  • Loot lost due your own carelessness won’t be rescued or refunded. Request a refund in case of a bug.
  • Anything lost due decay is your own responsibility. Be sure your locked tool cupboard has enough resources!
  • It’s not necessary to wall of the quarries/oil pumps. They are locked to you only!
  • Request an assistance to help with shooting the Helicopter down with using /har command you do no damage otherwise.
  • Bradley APC loot is locked to the player who did the MOST damage. He decides about the loot!
  • Do NOT interfere with personal Bradzilla withouth permission. Loot is locked to the owner.

Let’s hope that some of the new stuff is a good start of the new future 🙂 But for now…

Have fun and see you all around!

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