Wipe changelog 21/03/2019

Good morning Wastelanders!

Two weeks have passed again and wipe day is here again! Last 24 hours you could experience the Apocalypse Day which includes heavy earthquakes and meteor showers. Also the building limit is off so you can just waste your materials on building a dream castle which is not possible to build other times.

Please note, that all rules go back to normal again!

Since our website is finished and ready to be used, we can finally post some proper and longer “Changelog” without bothering all of you on the Discord over and over again.

Upcoming two weeks, there is again a lot to explore. As you probably noticed, Shaddar became our main builder and prefabber who prepares awesome stuff for all of you. We got really positive reactions on his maze castle and past wipe you could see awesome creations in the map as well 🙂

What is new this time?

  • After a long time of doubts we are going to give a shot to the EventManager to provide you even more events and games
  • There are already 3 games set up and to look forward to
  • Our NPC’s and bots got brand new kits again to refresh their outfits
  • The prices at the compound/bandits were vanilla due the troubles which occured after the forced update/wipe
  •  New custom monuments which you won’t find at any other server:
    • New secret Area 51 monument design
    •  Oil refinery monument
    •  Church monument
  • PVP arena (will be used in combination of EventManager)
  • New public Helitower in the Helizone (grid: AB14)
  • Cargo town (grid: AA3)
  • Gas stations and supermarkets have new design
  • Items from the Chinese New year have been added to the RP shop
  • Car keys are blacklisted from the backpack so they don’t break anymore
  • Info panel got reworked to bring the most important rules back to the main screen
  • It’s no more possible to teleport from jail to the /town to break out
  • Info bar on the bottom of the screen has got a new location and design to take less space

Important rule changes:

We have adjusted the rules a tiny bit, so please be sure, that you check them out in the game with typing /info to the chat and click the Rules tab. Please note, that we are going to test it this way and everything might change with next wipe back if we notice the troubles! Don’t try to push the borders further than necessary!

To give you an idea, what is different:

  • The building limit has been increased from 50 to 60 foundations, 5 floors and 500 entity limit remains!
  • Since now it is officially allowed to build and actually block the cave. Walling of the monuments and/or loot places still remains forbidden! Also don’t forget to keep the pass through for the cars on the roads, this rule is not changing!
  • Rule about entering other’s bases has been added back. Do not enter the open bases without the permission of the owner unless the place is a workshop or owner gave the permission due him leaving until the end of the wipe!

We hope that you will enjoy next wipe with slightly bigger freedom but also with all positive news 🙂

Have fun and see you around!

Don’t forget! We have a 800 members giveaway on our Discord, which will be running still for about 24 hours! The prize is 50.000 RP! Don’t forget to join and check the #giveaways channel to reserve your chance. There will be 3 winners picked by our Giveaway Bot!

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