Wipe changelog 02/05/2019

Good evening Wastelanders!

This wipe is like a new beginning for us at the Rusty Wasteland. We were busy with improving everything we could find and thinking what to do better and different. First of all, based on the voting we did last few days, about 90 % people want the 2 weeks wipe schedule back as the April was a trial month for all of us. We were fully open for going back and that means that since now the wipes are again 2 weeks wipes. If the month has 5 weeks in between of forced wipes, the wipes will be divided as 2-2-1 weeks.

This wipe we also start with a fully fresh install of the server with some major fixes on the background including updating and reconfiguration of the plugins but also removing unnecessary. What is more important for you though follows bellow:

Server changes

  • Removed NoSuicide plugin (since now is possible to use “kill” console command)
  • Barricades and searchlights were unblocked and can be placed since now (bear traps, landmines, SAMs and floor spikes remain blocked) – Please use those in moderate way! Any extremes will be removed!
  • Quests plugin has been added back (use /q to access them, they got some tweaks as well)
  • Added new player ranks based on hours played on the server
  • New items in the in game shop (missing items and Easter items)
  • Backpacks have been modified for different player groups (i.e. players from 25h played on the server get a small backpack, VIP+ get a medium etc)
  • Chatbot and Infopanel got some updates as well
  • Started the process of the changes of loot tables. Biggest attention for this wipe have got the Elite crates. Other loot will follow upcoming days.
  • PVP Island has been unused and removed for good

New player ranks

We are bringing in brand new player ranks based on the hours played! Those are no substitues for current VIP/ELITE/LEGEND ranks. Those remain the same!

We would like to give some little extra to all of you so we are introducing the ranks based on the hours played. Those will be:

Explorer (0-25hr)

  • Free airdrop
  • 500 welcome rp

Apprentice (25-100hr)

  • 14 days Vip
  • 10k RP
  • Small backpack

Loyal (100-500hr)

  • 1 Month Vip+
  • 50k RP

Hero (500-1k hr)

  • 1 Month Elite+
  • 100k RP

Rusty (1k+ hr)

  • 1 month Legend+
  • 250k RP

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