Wipe changelog 19/12/2019

HO HO HO! Merry Rustmas and Rusty New Year!

Good evening Wastelanders, this is our last changelog for this year! Of course you will still get bunch of updates on our discord. In a moment, both of our servers will wipe and so we bring you some more information about what is new. Most of the changes you already know, but it is good to do some little recapitulation.

A few days ago, we have posted an announcement which wasn’t really easy. Our server is in critical state where we nearly can’t pay the monthly costs which are not really small due hosting our servers on the best specifications machine we can get at this point. We have proposed your help (not only financial of course) and we have got many awesome responses which we immediately took in account and tried to bring as many of them as we can with this update.

We have been super busy testing last few days to fix a few issues so let’s have a look it will be a long one!

What's new on Main?

Loot changes

Yesterday announced and tonight after the wipe in! One of the most proposed changes was the loot.

  • Flame thrower has got slightly more health, so there should be no more nearly broken one!
  • Buffed scrap amounts in following:
    • Basic crate – 5 scrap (was 3)
    • Military crate – 15 scrap (was 8)
    • Normal crate – 8 scrap (was 5)
    • All barrels – 5 scrap (varied from 1 – 3 scrap per barrel
  • Normal crate additions:
    • Large water catcher blueprint
    • Crossbow
    • Long sword
  • Military crate removed:
    • Long sword
  • Elite crate changes
    • Buffed:
      • Metal pipes (the amount was not correctly set)
    • Removed:
      • Crossbow
      • Beancan grenade
      • Salvaged cleaver
      • Mace
      • Long sword
      • Large water catcher blueprint
      • Stone spear (fully removed out of the loot table, is craftable by default)
  • Tool crate added:
    • Crossbow
    • Long sword
  • Barrels added:
    • Chance to drop the rifle body
  • Personal airdrop
    • Buffed:
      • Ammo amounts
      • Blueberries
    • Removed:
      • Attire (hoodie, pants, metal face mask/chest plate)
      • Flame thrower
    • Lowered
      • Diesel drop chance to balance the chance of good stuff to spawn

Added a Purge Day event

We have got many questions for PVP in the past. We were always really distant from it but we have found a way for a Purge Day with a compromise for everyone. Players, who don’t want to participate, simply don’t have to do anything at all! Who wants to have a bit of fun and waste their resources before the wipe can join the purge and destroy bases, which are marked on the map. Please note that this plugin is still in early development and will require further changes! But for now:

  • Event is started 24 hours before the wipe
  • Command /purge join will flag you and your base as PVP
  • Command /purge leave will mark you and your base as PVE again
  • Participants have a [PURGE] tag to be recognized
  • Map markers are shown for the marked bases (for now an explosion sign)

Airdrops & Plane crash

  • PlaneCrash improvements for crate lock
  • After plane crashes, chat tells you how many crates were dropped
  • Airdrop planes fly at normal speed again

Oil pumps changes

  • FFA oilpump buffed to 3x (was 2x)
  • Personal pump 3-5x (5pm – 7.5pm)

Other changes

  • Backpack doesn’t drop on death to prevent the glitches through the ground
  • Garry’s hammer added to the /s
  • Santa Starter kit added
  • Christmas town

New "Miner" package in the donation shop

  • Includes quarry, oil pump and 100 survey charges
  • Valid for 1 month
  • Can be claimed as kit once per wipe

We would love to thank to everyone, who has supported us the past 12 months again! You all are unbelievably awesome community and we appreciate every suggestion you give us to help us to improve the server in any possible way! Please keep them coming, we will try to bring more of them in the near future again! 

Huge thank you to all our donators who keep the server running at the highest specifications we can get, to all players who have fun with us and last but not least to our great team!

We wish you all peaceful holidays and tons of great moments in 2020! 🙂

See you all around!

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