Wipe changelog 05/12/2019

Good evening Wastelanders!

There are not many changes coming from our side tonight but yet we do have a few nice things to share. While Rando hid some nice additions to the map again, we spent some time testing new addition of Operator. It’s a big positive change for the Vault event. Some of you might already know about that one from our Discord and as we saw, there was a few players who already tested it!

Our plan is to make the events easier for the maintenance for the future so that we can run many more of them again which we know was something you all liked and keep asking for! We will do our best to make them more often over again 🙂

Upcoming wipe we will be testing and developing new stuff over again but specially will take in account the popular events to bring them back but also simplify on our side! Stay tuned, there is so much to look forward to!

What's new on Main?

  • The automated mini deathmatch events are working again
  • Area51 puzzle has been slightly changed after the Discord feedback to make it cheaper to recover your body in case you die
  • Various fixes in multiple plugins to improve the performance
  • Added a brand new Vault Event plugin
    • The plugin tracks both damage of the building and killed NPC’s during the event
    • Based on the damage the RP and Loot is distributed to all players who participated
    • Loot can be claimed with /vaultclaim command after the event ends
    • Vault has no more loot rooms. You might find some bits of loot during the raiding, but the main objective in the Vault is to find the switch and turn it off. Once the switch is turned off, the event is over, all doors go open and traps are disabled
    • Vault come again at least twice per wipe as it used to be combined with other events
  • Tested a premium race plugin we longer own for the bugs so that we can improve races as well!

What's new on Vanilla 2x?

Our Vanilla server struggles to stay populated the whole month. We have decided to do a few changes.

  • Wipe is going to be a bi-weekly as the Main server to see if the population stays more engaged
  • New /s in game store
  • New PVE plugin the same as on the Main
  • Added a personal normal heli!

We will be happy if you provide us some feedback at the Vault plugin! We’ve already received some nice suggestions and got more ideas what to add, but we are curious about what you would like more to see 🙂

Have fun and see you all around!

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