Wipe changelog 19/09/2019

Good morning Wastelanders!

Today is the day, when both our Main and Building vanilla 10x servers are ready to get wiped! For the request, we have changed Vanilla 2x to monthly schedule so don’t worry! These wipes don’t affect 2x server!

We didn’t bring many changes last wipe but also no changelog due really busy time. Many of you know from our Discord, that our wedding crossed our path and forced wipe was just a day after! 😀 Though, after this personal break we are all fresh bringing you super exciting news!

New developer

We already spoiled this information a while ago, but now we can officially say that Operator Overload became our developer! You can contact him if you find some major breaking bugs or things which would require a fix. We would like to ask you to bring the minor bugs and glitches to the staff/owner team as until now. We will forward the minor fixes in bulks or fix issues ourselves if possible. Please also note that Operator is no staff member. He doesn’t have any special powers and won’t be able to help you out in the game as staff team. If you encounter troubles with your game play, reach out to the staff team!

We are super excited to have Operator around! He has created already few awesome fixes to simplify our life but also is working on really exciting features for all of you! You might see some stuff coming really shortly to the Wasteland!

What's new on Main?

Biggest attention was put into the loot. Vanilla loot prooved to be ok-ish though there were parts which needed a bit of touch. To be able to change the requested Airdrops, we had to fully rewrite our original loot tables. This took many hours but the loot seems to be more balanced but at the same time with some healthy challenge!

  • New loot
    • Based on vanilla, tweaked to RW
    • Balanced heli loot
    • New Bradley loot
    • New personal Airdrops with a chance for top tier weapons
  • Bandit camp & outpost balance
    • HQM to Scrap ratio back to 1:1
    • Adjusted prices for better balance
    • Removed trap shop (is pointless on PVE) and replaced by electronics instead
  • RP shop changes
    • Removed metal, sulfur and HQM ores
    • Added more variations for Wood & Stone
    • Added long asked door closers & new Small generator
  • Bradley changes
    • Respawn time reduced to 30-45 minutes
    • Max kills increased to 4 per day
    • Increased Bradzilla keys to 20 (was 10)
    • Bradley now drops correctly 3 crates next to the body to prevent the glitch
  • Zombie changes
    • Slightly nerfed the Airfield Zombies as requested
    • Train Yard, Power Plant and Water Treatment equal to Airfield now (the same monument tier)
    • Added Launch Site guards back to the main building
  • Overall changes
    • Fixed a bug that allowed to kill sleepers with incendiary ammo
    • Added a plugin which protects bases from being damaged by a scrap heli
    • New helitower from the contest winner
  • Introducing a Raid-island
    • A13 Island (snowy, east side of the map)
    • Players can freely build during whole wipe to prepare their defense!
    • Raiding will be enabled on the wipe day ONLY in this area! Make some nice challenge for your opponents or create mini vaults!

Webshop changes

  • For clarification, added new product pictures including also the length of the package
  • Added a voluntary donation (a donation without the reward)
  • Added a Discord bot paired together with the webshop which should automatically asign the Donator tags. This tag will be revoked on chargeback!
  • You can now fill in your Discord name in the webshop (i.e. Carol#6156, can be found in the bottom left corner of your discord) to automatically get the Donator tag.

There is a lot to come in the future of Wasteland and we hope to bring you super exciting content really shortly! Operator is really busy with some awesome stuff! For now, enjoy the wipe and see you all around! 🙂

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