Wipe changelog 16/04/2020

Good evening Wastelanders!

At first, the Easter event was supposed to be disabled by a forced patch tonight. Seems that Facepunch got a lot of critiques about this event being too short so we can enjoy the egg hunts still some more!

The forced wipe has done more damage to our server than we have initially thought so instead of thinking of something new, we focused really hard on getting the stuff under the control. We don’t want to speak too loud but seems we have managed it! So… again just a short update!

A little note: This time you can look forward to a new starter kit skin again! 🙂

New map

Rando has put a lot of his free time into new additions. There are some special places to explore again which are super exciting!

The Outpost replacement has got some new coat. Rando found awesome prefab which really suits that spot. Let’s call this new addition a Rocket lab! You could consider this one as a Launch Site’s research facility.

It is not as dangerous place at the moment but there are things good to know about:

  • This monument is still under construction and in early development. Some changes might be coming in the future
  • At the moment the monument doesn’t have any kind of puzzle on its own but includes a a Crane which could be seen already last wipe and does have puzzle included
  • You can explore also the underground tunnels
  • Meet brand new buddies with melee weapons! New set of Zombies has been added!
Besides the new monument also Vault has got its dedicated island area so we don’t need to take any large piece of ground away from you anymore. Rando walled this area off with the rocks and added a nice spot where you can either park your boat or just teleport. The area has NO Sam’s around (unless the vault itself includes it), so you don’t need to be scared while flying around!

New skins

Today, we have added big bunch of new skins to the /skinbox! Many of the suggested ones are skins for weapons and clothes, so I have decided to fill the skinshop with some new additions to the emptier categories. Next wave of filling the empty gaps will come in the future again!

Skinbox additions

  • Wooden door
  • Wooden double door
  • Garage door
  • Tables (my biggest addition – includes billiard, monopoly, table tennis, poker or roulette game skins!)
  • Chairs
  • Fridge
  • Lockers
  • Rugs
  • Vending machine (only one skin)
  • Spinning wheels (there were 0 skins before)

We hope you will enjoy exploring the new monument and create interesting rooms with the new skins! 🙂

Have fun and see you all in the naked world!

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