Wipe changelog 03/09/2020

Good evening Wastelanders!

It’s the time of the month again! We’re heading towards the time where the forced update will hit and server will get wiped again. Since there is the forced wipe, which often breaks quite a few things and Facepunch brings us new content, we don’t apply too many changes tonight on our server either. However, there is a few really important things worth mentioning!

New map

As always, Rando spent some good amount of time on preparing the map for you. There will be changes also coming from the side of FP tonight. We should be getting Fishing villages! We truly hope, that our map won’t have any issues and will work as intended since Rando tried to be prepared also for this situation. That means, if everything goes smoothly, the Villages should be also in our custom map without any issues.

Area 51 got a sibling for this wipe! You should be able to find a spot called Area 50 this time as well! It is a fully underground complex requiring multiple key cards (all colors) and good shooting skills! This place is occupied by the angry scientists and the very deep underground is radiated. It might be slightly difficult to find this place (entrance looks similar to a cave or Military Tunnels) entrance with the wooden supports around. We hope, you’ll have lots of fun in this place!

This time, you will find new building addition in the map. Small domes! There are only 5 of them in the whole map and can be found around the roads the same like the ruins or the bus stops! 🙂  

Car shop changes

After some struggles with the Car shop, we had to create a player made base to make the whole concept working as intended. You might have already seen the secondary building next to Oxums car shop. This one is now removed and will be replaced by a brand new staff-built garage which includes everything important you need to create your car of your dreams. 

We would like to remind all of you, the cards purchased in the Car shop do NOT work in the monuments and vice versa (the cards found in the world do NOT work in the Car shop). The cards have unique ID, which works only together with the card reader placed in the garage to prevent from the system being misused! We noticed, that many players still didn’t get this message, so a large sign will be hanging near the vending machine, to explain the situation also to new comers and the broadcasting of the vending machine was disabled. The cards will still show up in the /bestprice command though!

Bradley changes

Camping and drama around Bradley is like one long never-ending story. As much as we tired giving everyone a fair chance and catch the campers out, many people like to avoid the system or create drama around the whole situation. We don’t really feel comfortable with limiting the players in this aspect after finally giving you the freedom of having 4 kills per day, however we made a really tough decision to step back down to 2 kills per day until we find a different and more fair way.

We do fully realize that we are punishing the majority of the players, but at the same time we hope, that you will understand our decision. Solving the ongoing accusations daily is becoming really stressful also for us – the staff team.

Event schedule changes

Since the pandemic has calmed slightly down in some countries and holidays are over, our team has made a decision to step down to reducing the events that were held every day until now. Unfortunately, as much as some of you like the events and we like creating them for you, it is also really intense task for our staff team leaving them with no space to breathe. We would like to ask you for understanding, however the situation is not always easy for us either. Staff members are holding the events voluntarily, but we do have to respect also their work and study schedules/family or free time needs.

We will be still bringing all the major events occasionally extended to more of them. We will also try to keep some variety in them (or come up with new stuff) to keep the things a bit exciting and something to look forward to! So as always, we will see you all on Saturday in the Heli Tower 😉

Other changes

  • Minor /info updates in the command tab
  • Heavy armor stacks added
  • Added the suggested skins

Fortress winners

Tjit Tjat: 36 slot backpack
Hardlogin: Recycler, Autorepair, Mining quarry, Pump jack
EQ: Mining quarry, Pump jack
dream3r: Car kit, Smelting kit
LorDGusT: Monument kit
SoulDingo: Low grade kit
Beeep Orange: Airdrop kit
Squeez: Tree surgeon kit

We hope that you had great holidays and still are healthy and safe! 🙂

See you all around in the naked world!

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