Wipe changelog 18/02/2021

Good evening Wastelanders!

Past two weeks were really stressful for us behind the scenes. Everyone encouraged me to create another map, but as I feared, everything failed. We are really sorry for the emergency wipe, but there was no other way. Not only the no stability being abused, there were more and more issues appearing which put us into a really difficult position. We had only two choices – going through all this misery until today, or just end it and do an exceptional wipe. Thankfully seems, that many of you were understanding and with the option to bring at least part of your precious collection of loot with you was a good compromise for all of us.

On behalf of our team, I would like to thank every each of you for your support and patience! It means really a lot to us. Doing this decision in the middle of the night wasn’t easy, but it relieved huge stress off our shoulders! <3

Let’s get to point now, it will be a long one!

The map

The future of the map is unfortunately clear for now. All appears, that the issue is on my side. I can’t put everyone into those troubles forever, so we did a tough decision to use the procedural maps for now. 

We will remain testing in the background and hopefully find the issue. So from now on, answer to the question about the custom maps is: Hopefully some day if we find what is causing the issue.

This wipe you will see a brand new Procedural map with the standard size of 4500. We will bring the map votes back upcoming days again, so you can have the last word on which map will be used with each wipe. The map vote will be on the Discord in the #voting as always!

We also did merge the Town and Carshop buildings into the same zone. We did notice a lot of abuse using the /carshop as the escape command. Unfortunately the plugin doesn’t have any settings to stop those unwanted teleports, so since now, you can find the carshop in the /town.

Discord protection

There was a huge raise of the bots joining the Discord spamming multiple members with phishing links. If you are not a member of our Discord server yet and you are planning to join, be aware, that you will need to pass the verification system first. 

The bot will require you to verify your Discord account with multiple methods (such as logging in to the Steam/Reddit/YouTube and more). This is similar system to clicking the “captcha” on certain websites. It seems, that this stopped the unwanted spam and possibly, we could disable the verification at some point again. It is needed for now though.

Vehicle locks!

Now is time to get to some more positive changes! This one has been so long requested and on our list, however all the map struggles didn’t really give us place for some proper testing. We do bring you locks for ALL of your vehicles! Yes… this includes HORSES!!! This should help with unwanted stealing of your beloved Blackie or other vehicles. 

All you need to do is just to craft the lock (code or normal wooden lock, both of them work) and place it on your vehicle. Be aware, the horse lock looks really funny, but most importantly it works! The lock fully locks the vehicles from the public. They are possible to be used within the team or clan with no issues though.

It is highly advised to use the code locks for the cars only! The wooden locks like to bug out and you might end up losing your car and your loot!

The H.A.U.L system changes

A lot has been going on around the H.A.U.L system. Weather some of you forgot to pick your loot after the event or the “mysteriously disappearing” locks. We have already planned this change for last few days to make the system more automatized but we realized, that implementing it with the wipe is the easiest for all of you.

There will be no more copy-paste building with physical lockers. Each of you will receive a 42 storage after you sign up for an event. Into this storage, you will transfer all your weapons/explosives/ammo/gear that you will take for the event. Once the sign up closes, the plugin will be removed from the server to transfer the data file to the Event server. This means, there will really be no more “pardons” for someone, who forgot to sign up. The plugin removal will be scheduled and fully automated, so please be aware of that!

After the event, you will transfer all your leftovers and prizes back to the /haul inventory and the file will travel back to the Main server. WARNING: You will have only 12 hours to restore your loot after the event before the file is removed again to make place for next sign up.

With the new H.A.U.L system and limited slots you can take over to the Event server, we are raising the stacks for all of the Rockets to 500 (was 50) and C4’s and Satchels to 250 (was 50). We did a small survey in between of a few players, who are often really well prepared for large events such as Fortress to have some good margin.

Performance improvements

The server saves take incredibly long at the moment. All the garbage collect’s spike to thousands of milliseconds and many of you know, that the lag is real once the save hits. We do bring some really good quality performance boost this time.

ZLevels data file

We did mention in the past that the ZLevels data file is incredibly large. There were entries from nearly 60.000 players over the past 3.5 years. Since many of them were only one time joiners, we did get a small modification that allows us to remove those exact players. The entries did shrink up to about 27.000 players which seems to provide much smoother save procedure! Saving the ZLevels only previously took about 4.6 seconds, now it seems to take only 0.5! We hope that this is a really noticeable improvement!

RP data file

This is the similar scenario as above. This plugin unfortunately also included a strange glitch, where even the rewards for NPC’s were stored (for instance when they get rewarded for Bradley for no reason). This was fixed and the file was cleared as well! RP from all inactive players have been removed. Don’t worry!! It has more criteria than only being inactive! It affects especially the one time joiners who only got the welcome reward.

In both cases, if you notice any issues or are missing your RP or Levels, let us immediately know, so we can fix that for you. Both files will be properly backed up before the wipe, so nothing will be lost!

Hopefully, you are as excited for the new wipe as we are! Those changes should bring us brand new opportunities!

Have fun and see you all around in the naked world!

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