Wipe changelog 04/03/2021

Good evening Wastelanders!

Seems, that the big hype is behind us and we can slowly get a bit more breath and work on new things. Don’t get me wrong! We’re really happy for the wave of the new players, however there was completely 0 place for bringing some new content in or being able to help to every and each of you.

We’ve got pretty nice update coming from the Facepunch tonight as well including the new underground tunneling system! Be aware of the Dwellers (new kind of NPC’s similar to scientists) protecting some parts of the tunnels! They have 125HP and are geared up either with M92 pistols or M39 rifles!

Due this update being pretty juicy, expect, that many things might break badly!

Custom maps debug progress

I think it is really worth mentioning, how the custom maps debugging actually progressed. Thanks to Aaron (some of you might know him as being responsible for the mean turret drones patrolling around one of the last fortresses), we seem to be slightly further in the needle searching in the hay stack. He was really kind and patient with doing good quality tests, which we aren’t able to perform on live server since this would require many wipes.

So far, it seems to appear, that some of the used prefabs are unfortunately breaking the whole map. Surprisingly, one of them is also the Oil Refinery, that we used for quite a few wipes. Pretty sad story for a paid prefab.

However, we don’t want to dance too much just yet! All I can say, there is the light on the end of the tunnel after such a long time!

The answer to the question: “When custom map?” is not changing just yet! All we ask for is still some more patience, but seems that all is not lost!

For this wipe, there will be another 4500 procedural map. Upcoming days, we will release the map vote for upcoming wipe on the discord again. The same as they used to be around in the past.

Event server

The player count seemed to drop somehow back to the numbers that we are used to. This means, that most of the main events will move back to the Main server again. That will make it easier for maintenance again but also no fear of forgetting to put important gear in your /haul locker.

This doesn’t mean, that the Event server won’t be used in the future! We will use its potential further for the Vault or especially Fortress since those two are quite big performance eaters.

Deathmatch Arena returns!

The beloved Deathmatches are back!!! Unfortunately, the DM plugin is really badly outdated and with the huge amount of players, we were forced to take it down to gain some performance. The calmer time at this point finally gave us some place to test out and set up a premium updated version of this plugin which we’ve owned already for a bit.

The current plugin offers so many more options and possibilities that we are already brainstorming really deeply, what everything would be possible! We would like to use its potential for the large events again. Yes! This would mean also finally having the Medieval Siege back!

The new plugin, however, works slightly differently than the old version. This one won’t be announcing in the chat every hour a different event anymore. You are the bosses of the events! You will be able to join the event any time you wish and as a bonus, chose one you like the most!

It does store also the statistics of which events are used the most. That will also bring us some good overview and help us to see, which events might be replaced with some new options in the future.

As until now, the event will start once at least two players join. The events are the same as they were before, but as I already mentioned, we will follow the statistics and add some more interesting ones in the future. 

There is a few changes compared to the other plugin:

  • To chose and join the event, you will need to use the command /menu
  • Chose one of the events you would like to play with others and click View event
  • On the bottom left of your screen, there you can find a Join button
  • You will be teleported to the Arena where the event takes part
  • Do you wish to leave the event  earlier? Just type /menu over again and you will see a Return to game option in the top left corner of your screen
  • Once the event is over or you leave, you will be teleported back to your previous position and your inventory and backpack will be restored
  • Newly, you no more need to put your guns to the backpack or in chest before joining the event! The weapon durability glitch is fixed in this plugin!
  • The Ammo of players that you kill, drops on the ground! You can pick them up as your free restock!
  • /stats command will show you the event statistics and leaderboards

Other changes

  • Purge has been set back to 4 days again!
  • /Bestprice got a small update that should bring a bit better performance. At the same time, the missing message which didn’t return, if the item was not sold is fixed again. You will now also get a small suggestion to perhaps open a shop of your own with the item you searched for. We are planning some more changes and tweaks for this plugin!
  • Personal minicopter plugin got small performance updates as well, no changes on the player side though!
  • Added all requested skins to the /skinbox

Hopefully, you have lots of fun with the events again! We will brainstorm of more again 🙂

See you all in the naked world!

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  • Noel Kerns

    Hopefully, you’ll reach out to the devs of the offending prefabs and let them know about the issues.

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