Wipe changelog 16/07/2020

Good evening Wastelanders!

It’s been really busy week behind the scenes with some good quality changes both for the backstage and also for you. There isn’t many initial changes but we do still bring something really big! 🙂

Map changes

Facility X is leaving the server

We have made one really tough decision to let the Facility X go. Even though we know that it was a popular spot, the map preparations got really difficult every time and really time consuming. Rando did his very best to protect you from the angry scientists shooting through every possible wall, which was successful after all. However, this wasn’t the only issue we have experienced with this custom monument. 

Some of you might have noticed that the puzzle was responding really slow. The behavior of this puzzle was really unpredictable and unfortunately after many attempts also impossible to be fixed. Rando tried really hard to save it though. We’re really thankful for his hard work, but together, we have came to the conclusion that it is really not worth this much of stress and effort. Instead, he can spend some good quality time on different fun spots!

We are really sad to see this amazing place go, but we are aware of the issues which were unfortunately too severe.

Car shop

You could see a small Oxums Car shop monument around in the map. This one will remain now as one of the permanent spots to visit. No, this is not a Facility X replacement. This is a brand new project we have been working on past few days to solve the car crisis! More details will be revealed in the development further in this article!

  • Added a Sunken submarine monument
  • Special build spots:
    • 3 ice caves
    • 3 caves
    • 2 bunkers


Operator has been really busy with new projects. He’s created a really helpful tool for Kyrie’s legendary Treasure Hunt, to help her make the event much more efficient and easier. But now… let us reveal the main project for this wipe!

Functional car shop!

Yes, you did read well! An actual car shop, where you can purchase your own car! The first real functional car shop in Rust! 

In the beginning of the wipe, everyone was so excited about the new modular vehicles and really wanted to own one. We fully understand, it was really exciting update! It brought us more grey hair than we originally thought. From vanilla 53 spawns for the cars we have increased the rate up to 144 to be sure that we can satisfy the majority. It seemed to improve the situation and it became much easier to find the car, but at the same time we had to limit you to one car per person/team, to make this working.

This time is passe though! As I mentioned already earlier, the car shop will be permanently staying in the map since now. Rando has changed a few visuals and created a little vendor area with a vendor, who has a big smile!

Since now you can purchase (besides the engine parts) the modules in the dedicated vending spot. Next vending machine was dedicated to cards. These cards look the same as cards you would use for the monuments but do have fully different purpose. They will buy you your own chassis of choice and you will be able to create your own car on the spot!

If you struggle finding your car, visit the shop at G14/H14. Purchase modules (or bring your own ones), a card according to number of desired modules, swipe on the reader to “pay” and… watch the magic happen! A chassis will spawn on the lift near. You can fill it with your modules and required parts and drive away to your base!

Be careful! At the moment the lift can be operated by anyone! This is subject to change in the future! At the same time, you do have only 3 minutes to create your car, otherwise it will despawn. No one else is able to purchase a car while you are working on your own one, but the timer resets once the previous person leaves the lift with their own car.

This way we don’t have to limit you how many cars you do have anymore. Please keep in mind, that the more cars will be in the world, the casual ones will stop spawning! The car will still decay!

A few really important notes: We did think of the cheaters!

  • The regular card found in the world can NOT be used in the card shop. They are blocked!
  • The car shop card can NOT be used on the monument! The card is blocked as well!
  • All modules can be purchased for 150 scrap per piece
  • Your personal lift can be now locked with /mvlock command! Anyone outside your authorization list won’t be able to access your lift and steal your car or car parts anymore!

Which card to use:

  • Green card – 2 modules chassis (price: 75 scrap)
  • Blue card – 3 modules chassis (price: 100 scrap)
  • Red card – 4 modules chassis (price: 150 scrap)

How the carshop works in the real

Huge credit goes to Miraculous for a great idea, to Rando for creating awesome shop and Operator for making this all real! We are incredibly excited about this new feature 🙂 We hope you will have a lot of fun using it! There will be small tweaks and updates coming in in the future.

Other changes

  • Added all suggested skins
  • Added additional skins in following categories:
    • Jacket
    • Combat knife
    • M249
    • Salvaged sword
    • Hide halterneck
    • Hide skirt
    • Boonie hat
  • Added new items to the Instacraft

Fortress winners

Kez: €4.95 coupon
Mr Quail: Recycler
dries.vanstrythem: Mining Quarry
LorDGusT: Mining quarry and Pump jakc

We hope that you are as excited about the new feature as we are! Please let us know, if you find any difficulties or are unsure how to use the new system! 🙂

See you all in the new world!

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