Wipe changelog 29/09/2022

Wipe changelog 15/04/2021

Dear Wastelanders,

Due my mental health condition, I have decided to write a really short and early Changelog today. I was on doubts first, weather I can even manage one, however there is something, that I feel like shouldn’t miss on our website as well! Let’s jump right into that!

Raidable bases

Oh how long have you asked us for those, right? Yes, you did read well, we indeed are bringing the bases to our server at last! We have noticed, that many of you don’t participate the Vault anymore and the Fortress is getting more and more abandoned too. Though, you keep asking us for something to raid.

There was a few main reasons that did hold us back from adding this one. At first, it was a frustration. After all, our Vault protected by the NPC’s is a huge raidable base and was around ever since the server exists, which felt like our precious baby got stolen. In the beginning when the plugin came out, it was quite a performance eater. And last, but not least, our plugins were not compatible with the Raidable bases.

The demand of raiding is high and we understand, that this factor is greatly missed. Unfortunately, the PVE, which was created by Operator, was outdated and did not work with the RB plugin at all. Do you remember, when I mentioned, that switching to the TruePVE will bring new possibilities? This is one of the reasons why we did the big change and for some it might be also a hint, that something appreciated will be coming.

Thanks to your kind donations, we did purchase a bundle from Nivex, that offers not only set of the bases, but also the configs user ready. We did tweak a few tiny things and more will be, of course, needed to be tweaked along the way. More bases will be added in the future and of course, we will adjust the settings based on your feedback!

Important info about them

Performance measures

  • Maximum of bases that can be active at the time:
    • Max 3 easy bases
    • Max 3 medium bases
    • Max 2 hard bases
    • Max 1 expert or nightmare base

A raid can be purchased by /buyraid difficulty (easy/medium/hard/expert/nightmare).

Prices are for now

  • 2500 RP
  • 5000 RP
  • 7500 RP
  • 10000 RP
  • 15000 RP

You have a 2 hours cooldown after the purchase to give others chance. In case you abandon the raid, the base will despawn within 30 minutes. If you successfully raid and clear the base, it will automatically despawn after 15 minutes. All raids are PVE only to prevent the toxic behavior and are locked to the caller and their team/clan.

Adding the bases also means, that the Vault might slowly disappear since it doesn’t seem to be as popular event anymore, at the same time it is not compatible with the TruePVE and needs changes first before we would be able to use it on the Main server. Nightmare raids though are pretty close to the Vault raid 🙂

All important info can be, of course, found in game in the /info panel! 🙂

Other changes

Map changes

  • New custom 4500 map
  • Includes Area51, Missile silo and Cargo Wreck (by Lmao)
  • Bradleys as always are included at the A51, Airfield and Launch Site


  • Rockets have been removed from the /s to prevent abuse with raidable bases
  • Added a message to the chatbot informing about the Raidable bases

We hope, that you will enjoy this long requested change 🙂 Hopefully it will give you some more reasons to stop by and greet your in game friends!

Have fun and see you all around!

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