Important server changes

Yesterday, Facepunch released new patch which followed with the forced wipe for all Rust servers. Until that time, we spent our time working especially behind the scenes of our servers to bring better experience of playing with us. All important changes and improvements in the game itself you can read in the official Devblog. We will shortly mention what is new but the most important for us is to tell you changes on our servers!

Our server updates:

  • Last few wipe cycles, we all went through pretty much difficulties with the lags. Thanks to all of your donations we could upgrade the server performance a bit to help to reduce the lags. Thanks to everyone who supports us! As next thing on the list was a big maintenance. Our server was opened in August and since then storaged lots of data which is not needed anymore. We have a good hope that getting rid of data from about 7 500 players will help improve the performance as well!
  • We tried to use Barren map in the past and this time we thought why not to try also the Hapis map? Even though we really like the enviroment of the Procedural map, the excitement about slightly different monuments won! We thought you might enjoy exploring a little bit different map of the Hapis Island as it is something still unexplored for us. The map size is the same as we use with Procedural maps (4k map). You can find town in the area of H16 and Heli zone at J7.
  • VIP/ELITE/LEGEND packages got a little bit of tweaks. We felt that some of our LEGENDS who paid the most didn’t receive much more of good things than usual ELITES or  even VIPs. If you decide to support our server with the highest amount, you will now receive also your own Recycler! Unfortunately, we can’t make the /claimdonation plugin spawn you one but one of admins will gladly spawn one for you. Besides the Recycler for most expensive LEGENDS we added also No Durability for weapons and tools. For both ELITES and LEGENDS were added also backpacks to extend your inventory even more!
  • To make the purchase of VIP/ELITE/LEGEND a bit easier, you can now find a “webshop” directly on our website. Products still need some tweaks as we want to add also pictures of what is waiting for you in the package you are about to purchase. Once you click the “BUY” button, you will be redirected to the GPay and you can finish your purchase the same way as you were used to until now. One of brand new things is that there is only one type of product (no more PVE/PVP separated products). Once you want to claim your donation with /claimdonation command in the game, you can claim it on the server of your choice (NOTE: can be applied only once! Be careful which server you have entered to claim on the correct one).
  • Server restart is set back to 00:00 and 12:00 CET (GTM +1). The summer time caused the troubles with server time. Everything has been put back to the normal! As bonus with big cleaning the restart now takes just about 6 minutes! 🙂
  • Terminus server didn’t gain much of popularity until now but we still dont give it up. We tried to convert it into a Hybrid PVP where you can kill but you are not allowed to raid or destroy the buildings. The server rules and more info about the concept will be released soon!

Few important updates in the game itself:

  • Scientists now spawn also around the junkpiles
  • Boats spawn on the shore, run low grade fuel and can take up to 3 passengers
  • Chinook Event has been added – Scientists don’t take any compromises and shoot you with or without clothes. They drop a locked crate as well which can be seen in the new map with pressing G.
  • Junkpiles were added to the water as well to make boats more efficient
  • Triangular walls are now available and must be placed while building a roof

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