Please take a minute to support our server with voting for us! It means a lot to us and helps us to show that it is a place worth staying around. Every vote is really appreciated and in exchange we will give you a little reward every day you claim your vote.

How to vote

If you decided to vote for our server, there is a few different ways you can do so. The easiest one is to click the buttons below under your favorite server or perhaps even both of them. You can vote only once per 24 hours. The buttons will forward you straight to the Steam log-in page and will register the votes to the

Another option to get to our voting profiles, you can access the website and search for [EU] Rusty Wasteland, click the vote button and follow next steps. You can also always use the /vote command in the game.

Once you voted, don’t forget to return to the server and type /claim to get your rewards. The rewards for each server can be found below.

Don’t forget, you can claim only one vote per time. Multiple votes will stack into one and you might loose your previous votes. If you voted, make sure you claim first before voting over again!


Rusty Wasteland PVE

Voting rewards

  • 0-2 Votes: 100RP, 5 Blackberries, Supply signal
  • 3-5 Votes: 150RP, 5 Blackberries, Supply Signal
  • 6-10 Votes: 200RP, 10 Blackberries, Supply Signal
  • 11-15 Votes: 250RP, 10 Blackberries, Supply Signal, 25 HQM
  • 16-21 Votes: 300RP, 15 Blackberries, Supply Signal, 50 HQM
  • 22-27 Votes: 350RP, 20 Blackberries, Supply Signal, 75 HQM
  • 28+ Votes: 500RP, 25 Blackberries, Supply Signal, 100 HQM