Vanilla 2x PVE

The server has been closed!

Vanilla 2x PVE Server

Vanilla 2x PVE is our second server. After a few attempts to open a second server we found out a new concept to try to stand out of the row of the PVE servers at least a little bit. The same like the first server, this is also full PVE! Biggest difference is a complete different approach than our Main server.

Here we offer 50 slots at the moment for our players and bypass for premium players in case the server becomes really busy. 

Please note that the server is still in the development and we are still working on the details to make it next awesome place to stick to!

Different approach to player experience

  • Vanilla loot
  • 2x resources multiplier
  • No advantages for premium players, everyone is on the same level
  • Community will develop the server and suggest improvements and plugins

Main features

  • Active, friendly and helpful community including owners & staff members
  • Looting and killing is fully disabled
  • Rewards for time spend on the server
  • Rewards for voting
  • Craftable Quarries
  • Vip/Elite/Legend ranks for players who support the server including queue bypass

Special custom developed features

  • Receive RP for killing Helis, Bradley APC, Animals, Scarecrows, Zombies & Scientists
  • Reward Store to spend your RP on the in game goodies.
  • Bestprice command to see which item is the cheapest in a vending machine