Main PVE

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Rusty Wasteland PVE

Our Main PVE server is one of the biggest Rust PVE servers around. We offer 100 slots for our players and bypass for premium players in case the server becomes really busy. 

Server is full of many surprises which you might not expect at all. We rely on quality rather than quantity and try to improve small details up to big changes to make it even more awesome place.

To access the server, press F1 in the game and copy following to your console:
or just hit the link under this paragraph!

Main features

  • Very active, friendly and helpful community including owners & staff members
  • Looting and killing is fully disabled
  • Four levels of helicopters with different health: normal, hard, elite & legend
  • Rewards for voting
  • Community town
  • Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum ranks for players who support the server including queue bypass

Special custom developed features

  • Special secret Rusty Wasteland monument!
  • With every Bradley APC kill option to sacrifice the loot to collect keys for BRADZILLA
  • Receive RP for killing Helis, Bradley APC, Animals, Scarecrows, Zombies & Scientists
  • Reward Store to spend your RP on the in game goodies, personal aidrops or one of four levels of helicopters¬†
  • Zlevels and QuickSmelt
  • Bestprice command to see which item is the cheapest in a vending machine

Special events

  • Every Saturday 20:00 CET we will welcome anyone who loves shooting helis at our unique heli event which’s highlight is a Rusty (Rusty has 160 000hp and spawns ONLY during the event)
  • A special zone for events including Vault or Fortress
  • Fun events (i.e. Bradzilla event, Car racing, Death run/climb, GyroRace, Treasure Hunt…)
  • Building contest

Premium plugins

  • Alphaloot
  • Buried treasure
  • Skinbox